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 Work & Well-being: Where does your business/organisation stand?

What would be the greatest benefit to you and your organisation currently, and how might you achieve it?

We deliver high impact good mental health & Well-being 1 day Training Courses and Workshops...
Every organisation is only as good as the people in it, therefore employee engagement, motivation, innovation, utilisation and optimisation, will surely be near the top of your list.  We will work with you and your staff/employees in achieving this end through creating positive change mindsets, interactive training and a deliverable, sustainable Workplace Well-being Strategy.

Who we are

We are a local Belfast company delivering Mental Health & Emotional Well-being Coaching & Professional CPD Training Courses & Workshops. We work with private individuals, businesses and larger organisations in delivering Good Mental Health & Emotional Well-being in the Workplace Strategies/Programs.  We are members of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, National Council of Psychotherapists and the Association for Coaching.  We are service providers to the Health & Social Care Trusts, and a recognised CPD Training Centre accredited by Institute of Commercial Management.

What we do

We deliver 1-to-1 and small group Workplace Well-being Coaching sessions and talks, we also deliver half day & full day Training courses and Workshops (from our premises or in-house if required). Our Coaching sessions and Training courses cover topics such as

  • Workplace Wellness & Well-being
  • Building Resilience
  • Anger, Anxiety and Stress management
  • Bullying & Harassment at Work
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Coaching Essentials
  • Managing difficult behaviours
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Absence/Absenteeism management
  • Decision Making
  • Presentation Skills

How we do it

We offer well-being strategies, training programs and solutions for creating positive change mindsets to help employees work through their current difficulties, issues and concerns, moving them forward from where they are currently to where they want or need to be. Our mission includes creating better workplace environments, reducing sickness, absenteeism and increasing productivity through developing staff engagement, motivation, good morale and feeling valued safe/secure, achieving real staff buy-in to the organisation and reach their full workplace potentials.

Why we do it

Our ambition is to bring about good mental health & emotional well-being workplace environments, therefore we feel compelled to work with people through their growth and development, both on a personal and professional level, so that they become freer to pursue the achievement of their potentials, workplace contentment, purpose and reward, including good quality of life.

Our offer

We will come to your business premises and deliver a short talk and survey on Wellness & Well-being at Work, shortly thereafter (on agreement) we can re-visit and present you with a specific Workplace Well-being Strategy Proposal for your organisation and its delivery, cost & implementation.

Please get in touch via email, if you wish to discuss our services/offer or to set up an introductory talk or consultation appointment. I would really like the opportunity to speak with you regarding the development of your organisations workplace wellbeing strategy.Sam Barr MNCP, Director.

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We work with Individuals, Professionals, Business Owners and Leaders.
I found the coaching for businesses to be fantastic and so beneficial. I could not be happier to have taken part and would recommend it to anyone looking for answers. Thanks HMC.


Business Manager

We benefited greatly from the honest and challenging coaching that we received - me and my staff now see things from a new perspective. Grateful to HMC



Changing Mindsets - Transforming Lives

Our Vision

To be the industry recognized go-to service provider for Life Coaching, Mental/Emotional Well-being Coaching and Professional Training Courses - delivering the enabling of people to focus, flourish, excel and realize their potentials by achieving transformational results in their lives, through a positive change mindset.

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into smaller parts.Henry Ford

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver transformational positive change mindsets to all our clients through coaching, counseling, training, educating, supporting, motivating, encouraging, empowering and enabling people to be the best that they can be.

Our Values

Our values are integrity, being authentic and empathetic, accountable, confidential, respectful of others opinions and ideals, without prejudice.

The key to success is to risk thinking unconventional thoughts.Trevor Baylis

Our Coaches

Our coaches are fully trained and qualified, hold a level 6 Advanced Diploma or above, and have full Professional Indemnity Insurance. We are a member of NCP & EMCC and subscribe to the EMCC Code of Ethics (see